Painted Berimbau (Black+Red)


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  • CAREFULLY SELECTED raw materials
  • TESTED BERIMBAUS before shipping
  • HIGH QUALITY standard for all parts
  • Comes with all parts included Caxixi shaker, Baqueta stick, Arame string and Dobrao coin.
  • DOUBLE SELECTION - the cabacas are selected twice. The producers has experience in berimbau making so they send us the perfect cabacas to our berimbau workshop. We make our selection as well to have only satisfied customers.
  • GROWN IN AFRICA - Cabacas are imported from Africa to ensure 100% quality for your berimbau sound.
  • TESTED BERIMBAU - Berimbau verga replacements are made with love and care for Capoeira players. With 15 years experience we provide the best sound quality for Capoeira group. Vergas are made by our carpenter for exact dimensions to have the best quality for your capoeira training.
  • 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE - Using this perfect arame string for 15 years, supported over 20 capoeira groups worldwide. After many testing 0.875 mm diameter was selected for the best berimbau sound at Capoeira.
  • PERFECT DIMENSIONS - berimbau dobrao has 40 mm diameter, which fits perfectly to all size of berimbau capoeira instrument for viola berimbau, medio berimbau, gunga berimbau. Dobrao coin’s height is 5 mm to ensure clear resonation while you are pushing your dobrao to your berimbau arame string.
  • ANTI-SLIPPERY - we love the sound of the berimbau and it is not easy to play on your berimbau for long time even when you came out from the capoeira roda game. We tested many dobrao coin surface treatments and finally we found black-nickle type to ensure stable position even in wet Capoeirista hands plus every baqueta stick has a paper sticker on the ends to avoid loosing your baqueta while you are playing on the berimbau.
  • READY FOR USE - Every berimbau verga is ready for playing with all parts included caxixi, baqueta, arame and dobrao so you only need to setup your new berimbau verga on the next capoeira training.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 130 × 12 × 12 cm

Kids Size (130 cm), Viola Size (150 cm), Medio Size (155 cm), Gunga Size (160 cm)

3 reviews for Painted Berimbau (Black+Red)

4.7 Rating
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    Annika Gottwald
    January 15, 2022
    Simon Lundblad
    May 19, 2021
    Painted Berimbau (Black+Red) photo review
    Painted Berimbau (Black+Red) photo review
    Painted Berimbau (Black+Red) photo review
    February 18, 2021
    What an amazing service by Passarinho who let me select my biribas and cabaças before he worked on them, when the work was done, he sent me videos playing all of the berimbaus and offered to change any if I wasn't happy. Great communication througout and also gave me tips on how to take care of my berimbaus. All of them came in a a wonderful black case for all biribas, cabaças compartment and accessories. I highly recommend ordering your berimbaus from him! Now it's time to spend the rest of the lockdown learning and practicing music. . Macaco
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