Playing on Berimbau

Playing the Berimbau is an art form in itself, and it requires skill and practice to master. The player holds the Berimbau with one hand and the vaqueta with the other. The gourd resonator is placed against the stomach, and the player strikes the string with the vaqueta while controlling the pitch with the coin or stone. The player can also use their voice to sing and chant, adding another layer to the music.

The Berimbau’s sound is unique, and it has a hypnotic quality that draws people in. The rhythms and patterns are intricate and complex, and they require a deep understanding of the music to play effectively. In capoeira, the Berimbau is often played in a group setting, with one person leading the rhythm and the others following. The Berimbau sets the tempo for the capoeira game, and the players must synchronize their movements to the rhythm of the instrument.

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