How to Make a berimbau?

Making a Berimbau is a fascinating process that requires a few essential materials and some basic woodworking skills. Here are 20 steps to help you make your own Berimbau:

Choose the materials: You will need a wooden stick, a gourd, a metal wire or gut string, a small stone or coin, and a piece of rope.

  1. Select a suitable wooden stick: Choose a straight and dry wooden stick that is around five feet long and an inch in diameter.
  2. Cut the stick to size: Cut the stick down to around four feet and sand the edges smooth.
  3. Mark the center of the stick with a pen.
  4. Remove the bottom of the stick to be able to attach the string later.
  5. Attach the string: Thread the metal wire or gut string through the hole and tie it at the ends.
  6. Cut the cabaca: Cut the gourd in half and remove the seeds and pulp.
  7. Sand the cabaca: Sand the inside of the gourd to smooth it out.
  8. Dry the cabaca: Allow the gourd to dry in the sun for several days.
  9. Cut the cabacafor the opening: Cut a small hole in the gourd’s side to serve as the opening.
  10. Cut the rope: Cut a piece of rope that is around two feet long.
  11. Attach the rope: Tie one end of the rope to the metal wire or gut string.
  12. Insert the cabaca: Slide the gourd onto the wooden stick, making sure that the opening is facing outwards.
  13. Tie the rope: Tie the other end of the rope to the wooden stick, making sure that the gourd is firmly attached.
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