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I have started making berimbaus in 2007. My first berimbau instrument was a half brazilian, half hungarian berimbau. I got my beriba verga from my Mestre without cabaca. I had to find a cabaca locally in my small city. Finally I could buy from one of the local florist shop. I cleaned my new cabaca outside and inside, it was a cute viola size for my berimbau instrument.

My Mestre had difficulties with importing the berimbau materials so I decided to help him out and collecting them in Hungary. After a few month I could find really good baquetas, pedras and cabaca producers. Vergas are always a mystery to find the best vergas in the forests.

I stepped forward and I asked a professional carpenter to make my berimbau vergas for my exact dimensions. 150 cm for violas, 155 cm for medios, 160 cm for gungas. The diameter of the vergas are different as well between 2.2 and 2.5 cm. I got these standards after many experiments with the wood types.

My berimbau vergas are made of hornbeam wood. I got many new friends over the years and I have found professional dobrao coin makers as well to create metal, stainless steel and brass dobraos.

You can find all type of dobrao coins in my shop for now. Baquetas sticks are made of strong beech wood to have the endurance and strength for the best berimbau sound.

The level of cleanness is really important for berimbau arame string. Thats why I always use 100% clean stainless steel wire.

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